Nov 28, 2020

Massive deforestation  in Maduru Oya National Park Featured

It is reported that a massive deforestation is taking place in the Maduru Oya National Park, the largest forest park in the Eastern Province.

Residents of the area say that valuable trees such as Teak, Nedun and Halmilla are being cut down by smugglers and taken away by carts on a daily basis.

Environmentalists allege that a valuable ecological zone is declining day by day due to the inattention of the Wildlife Department and the provincial ministers to the devastation.

It is reported that the villagers have faced many problems as the animals including elephants in the Maduruoya National Park enter into the surrounding villages.

The villagers allege that although the Maduru Oya Park Trustee has been informed about the incident, no proper intervention has been made so far.

Meanwhile, the Maha Oya Special Task Force (STF) recently launched an operation to search for timber smugglers in the Maduru Oya National Park and arrested two persons involved in timber smuggling and seized a stock of timber prepared to be taken away.